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Pastor faces persecution in Turkey for sharing his faith

A Canadian pastor based in Turkey by the name of David Byle, faces persecution from the government for spreading Christianity. 

Originally from Canada, pastor David Byle has lived in Turkey for 19 years where he has taken his ministry and dedicated his life to the spreading of the gospel in that country. The Turkish government has given pastor David a notice to leave the country because of his faith.

Over the years, he has faced various persecutions, he was almost deported in 2016 but won the case in court. In 2018, he got arrested and was asked to leave the country in a period of 15 days. Pastor David Byle said, “The government did not want us in Turkey, but plenty of people do. God called us there, He wants the Turkish people to hear about Him and to know that He is doing wonderful things.”

On the ‘World Watch List’ of countries, Turkey is ranked on position 25, where Christians suffer the most persecution. The Alliance Defending Freedom International (ADF), which is a faith based legal advocacy group has taken a stand to help pastor David to fight for his rights by filing an application to the European Council of Human Rights (ECHR).

Rufaro Sihle Muyanga.

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