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Pakistan: court orders release of kidnapped 13 year old Christian girl

Pakistani court orders release of 13 year old Christian girl tortured by Muslim kidnapper.

In the eastern part of Pakistan’s Punjab, a local court has finally made a court order release of a young 13 year old Christian girl, Farah Shaheen, who was kidnapped from Faisalabad in June of 2020 by a 45 year old Muslim man and his two colleagues.

Upon her abduction, Farah was heavily traumatized as she could not even speak about the torture she was put through, she was tied up in a cattle pen for up to five months. The bruises on her ankles and her body were evidence of the abuse she was put through and on top of all of that, she was forced to marry the man that kidnapped her.

The court session commenced on Tuesday where the judge gave permission for her to be taken by her family from a shelter house where she’s been living. Her kidnapper, Khizar Hayat (45), was released weeks prior to the court order being given after testifying that the 13 year old willingly accepted to marry him.

Judge Rana Masood Akhtar said, “She wants to live with her father. Since the marriage between Farah Shaheen and Khizar Hayat has not been registered and nikah (marriage contract) has not been verified by the Union Council concerned, she cannot be kept in Dar ul Aman (shelter house) for an indefinite period.”

Farah’s family received assistance with the legal court affairs from Bishop Iftikhar Indrias of the Apostles of Gospel Ministries International who insists that Farah’s kidnapper should be arrested. “We thank all Christians for raising their voice against the insult and injustice. We shall make this success a reference to stop forced conversions of our daughters. It is our responsibility as their parents and protectors to ensure their security and support such victims of violence upon their return back home.” the Bishop said.

About 1000 Christian and Hindu women and girls are abducted, forced to marry their kidnappers and forced to convert to being Islam or Muslim according to the study of The Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan.

Rufaro Sihle Muyanga.

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