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Zimbabwe’s president warns citizens: no vaccination. no jobs

While many governments are undertaking ambitious campaigns to persuade people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, Zimbabwe’s president has gone a step further, threatening to punish those who do not take offered doses since the countries’ front line workers started taking vaccines from last week through the vaccination program and the roll out of 200 000 of Sinopharm that was donated by China.

According to President Emmerson Mnangagwa; Zimbabweans are not going to be forced to be vaccinated, but the time shall come when those who are not vaccinated won’t get jobs even something as simple as taking a local bus will be forbidden for those who aren’t vaccinated. The threats come even as the country of 15 million is struggling to secure doses for people who want to be immunized.

As a strategy to win the public’s trust, President Mnangagwa stated that he will be taking the vaccine as soon as the next batch of vaccines arrive in Zimbabwe. “The vice-president of the country had the first jab and he is still here. My cabinet and myself in two weeks, when the next consignment comes, we will be vaccinated,” he said.

Sabrijo Mpele.

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