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Fake Covid-19 Vaccines seized in South Africa and China

South African police has taken ahold of fake vaccines.

400 ampoules that are equivalent to about 2,400 doses of fake vaccines and 3 million fake masks were found at a warehouse located in Germiston, Johannesburg. Three men got arrested, one from the nation of Zambia and two Chinese.

80 people were arrested in China after being found by the Chinese police with imitated vaccines in their production premises. More than 3000 fake vaccines were found. As a result, the International Criminal Police (INTERPOL) has sent out a warning to countries all over the world to prepare for fake covid19 vaccines being sold.

The INTERPOL received several reports reviewing that the fake vaccines have been penetrating in health bodies such as nursing homes and also warned the public to not purchase any type of vaccines online, advertisement of vaccines online are not legitimate and could be dangerous.

Rufaro Sihle Muyanga.

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