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Wits protest: Top SA University says it can’t afford free tuition

Police have fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at protesting Wits University students, arresting some protesters. Students are protesting after Wits University said it can’t carry on with the burden of free education anymore, someone has to pay and students don’t seem to have the backing of the government resulting them to protest because they want to finish their studies.

Students have disrupted traffic on Empire Road with rubble and burning tyres. Earlier, a man was shot and killed when police fired rubber bullets at protesters in Braamfontein. The Independent Police Investigative Directorate dispatched four investigation officers to the scene of a fatal shooting where protesting Wits students and the police clashed in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The man appeared to have been struck by rubber bullets as he exited a clinic in Braamfontein. The student union called on higher education and training minister Blade Nzimande to urgently resolve the issue of student funding.

Sisanda Mpiti.

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