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EU sanctions Eritrea for human rights violations

The European Union slapped sanctions on Eritrea on Monday for alleged human rights violations, including extra-judicial killings, torture, enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrests.

The EU did not give further details on the sanctions but this month the United Nations accused Eritrean troops of operating in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and there are reports that suggest they were responsible for atrocities.

The EU blacklisted Eritrea’s National Security Office, which is responsible for intelligence, interrogations and arrests. Eritrea’s foreign ministry reacted by saying the EU’s decision was “malicious” and accused the bloc of bridging a divide between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It also said the EU was trying to bring back power to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Sisanda Mpiti.

EU sanctions Eritrea for human rights violations

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