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Netanyahu gets nod to form Israel government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu receiving a mandate this Tuesday from Israel’s president to form a new government after an inconclusive election.

Israel’s longest-serving leader, in power consecutively since 2009, now faces the tough task of breaking an unprecedented political stalemate and enlisting enough allies for a governing coalition. Under law, Netanyahu will have 28 days to do so, with the possibility of a two-week extension before President Reuven Rivlin picks another candidate or asks parliament to choose one.

Israel’s election on March 23rd, its fourth in two years, ended with neither a Netanyahu-led right-wing and religious bloc nor a prospective alliance of his opponents winning a parliamentary majority. But in consultations Rivlin held with political parties on Monday on granting the coalition-building mandate, Netanyahu received more endorsements than his challengers, leading to the president’s televised announcement giving him the nod.

Mellisa Sithole.

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