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Study: despite the pandemic, religious liberty winning at U.S supreme court

A study done in the U.S reveals that recently the Supreme Court in the country has seen a rise in the number of Churches winning cases, this includes a number of cases during the previous year.

The study, published in The Supreme Court Review, finds that the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts is much more likely to rule in favor of religious liberty than previous courts have during the past 70 years. It shows an 81 percent success rate in favor of religious liberty, a 31 percent increase over previous Supreme Court decisions.

Compared to the current 81 percent, the study found the court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 50s and 60s supported religious liberty only 46 percent of the time, 51 percent under Chief Justice Warren E. Burger in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s and 58 percent under Chief Justice William Rehnquist from the ’80s until 2005.

Katherine Beck Johnson at Family Research Council says Christians should be winning. Religious Liberty is embedded in the constitution.

Sisanda Mpiti.

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