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Oron community impacted by Rhapsody Bible outreaches

In the quest to reach and Christianize the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, making the Bible available to people in the language of their hearts is crucial. Recently, the Oron-speaking community in Agege, Lagos Nigeria, was greatly impacted by the ongoing Rhapsody Bible Outreaches as each member of the community received the Bible for the first time in the language of their hearts.

They were overjoyed, and the Bible has become more meaningful as each one can now read and study it in the language of their hearts. Thank you, our esteemed Partners for making it happen, and for your commitment to making the Rhapsody Bible available in many more languages of the world. What are you waiting for? Get on the train; Sponsor at least an outreach with 5 Bibles, Organize a Bible outreach to a community. Every Bible outreach counts for the salvation of many lives.

No one’s heart can be adequately prepared to serve God without the agency of God’s Word. The Bible contains the required information for our preparation to meet the Lord, everyone deserves at least a copy of the Rhapsody Bible. Make it happen, sponsor a Bible outreach today, click; www.rhapsodybible.org/1millionbibleoutreaches/

Shekhinah Salanje.

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