Tiktok sued for billions in child privacy unit

TikTok, the wildly popular video app, and its Chinese parent ByteDance could face a damages claim worth billions of pounds (dollars) in London’s High Court over allegations they illegally harvested the private data of millions of European children.

Anne Longfield, the former Children’s Commissioner for England said on Wednesday that affected children could receive thousands of pounds each if the claim is successful. Longfield alleged that every child that has used TikTok since May 25, 2018, may have had private personal information illegally collected by ByteDance through TikTok for the benefit of unknown third parties.

A TikTok representative said privacy and safety were the company’s top priorities and that it had robust policies, processes and technologies in place to help protect all users, especially teenage users. The court will decide if that is true or not.

Sisanda Mpiti.

Tiktok sued for billions in child privacy unit

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