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Canada: Premier Doug Ford gets emotional and apologizes for missteps on the draconian lockdown orders

Canada’s Ontario Premier Doug Ford has apologized to Ontarians, days after his government faced intense backlash for introducing a number of additional COVID-19 restrictions.

Through tears, Doug Ford admitted his government’s draconian lockdown measures “went too far.” The criticized measures included a ban on outdoor gatherings that involved anyone other than members of one household and a halt to all “non-essential” construction work, as well as capping attendance for all worship services, weddings, and funerals to just 10 people.

Those edicts prompted police in more than one instance to attempt to shut down worship services this past Sunday, hours before the attendance cap was supposed to be implemented. Police reportedly showed up at Life Church in Muskoka, telling ministry leaders they had to halt their worship service and close the church despite the fact that the congregation was in compliance with the 15% capacity limit, the government health order that was in place at the time.


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