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U.S: Bill ending religious vaccine exemption now heads to senate

The Connecticut House of Representatives on Monday was expected to pass a debatable bill that would end the state’s long-standing religious exemption from vaccination requirements for schools, beginning with the 2022 school year.

Democratic House Speaker Matt Ritter of Hartford said there are enough votes in the Democratic-controlled chamber to pass the legislation by a “pretty overwhelming” margin. It’s the only bill on the House agenda for Monday and the debate was expected to run into the evening.

If it passes, the bill will still need approval in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The legislation stems from an uptick in the number of families in Connecticut who have sought a religious exemption from a host of childhood vaccinations, ultimately lowering the vaccination rate in as many as 100 schools at one point to under 95%.

This does not come as a surprise in a country that has been on a crackdown against Christian values. Moreover with the deep state that seeks to make constitutional protection of no effect in order to have everyone under its claws. The bill is still being debated.

Sisanda Mpiti.

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