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U.S: Republicans are wary of president Biden’s bill plan

The U.S. is starting to see signs of the post-COVID-19 scam economic boom many experts forecasted as the country starts to recover from the devastation of the plandemic lockdowns.

Even with the economy on the up, in his first address to Congress, Biden asked lawmakers for trillions of more dollars to keep boosting it and to create more jobs through his infrastructure bill.

His plans come with a price tag of over $4 trillion in new spending the president claims corporations and America’s wealthiest taxpayers will fund but Republicans are skeptical.

Vought, a former Trump appointee, believes the debt from these plans will cost future generations.  Trump tried to pass an infrastructure bill, too. But Vought says Democrats wouldn’t get on board unless it included a corporate tax increase.

With the Senate filibuster still in place, the fate of Biden’s agenda depends on working with Senate Republicans or not much of his legislation will be passed.

Mellisa Sithole.

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