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Students kidnapped in attack on Christian school in Plateau state, Nigeria

A Christian student was rescued by Nigerian troops on Saturday after Muslim Fulani militants tried to abduct four students last Thursday from The Kings School in Gana Ropp village located in the Plateau State of Nigeria.

According to reports, three of the students were able to flee during the first attack, however, Kelvin Eze was unable to break free from the bandits. A search and rescue team was assembled to go after Eze, and he was liberated.

Kings College was established by Calvary Ministries (CAPRO), an international and interdenominational Christian missions agency in Nigeria. The group has more than 700 missionaries from 26 countries serving in 35 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. Attacks against villagers, many of them Christians, have steadily increased in Nigeria over the years.

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