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Your Loveworld Specials season 3 phase 4 with Pastor Chris – Day 1

The highly anticipated Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 4 kicked off last night as billions around the world tuned in to hear divine words from the spirit.

The man of God Pastor Chris continued on the topic of the life of the saints before delving into the mystery of eternal life.

The teeming global audience were thought extensively from the scripture on eternal life and that it is more than long life as many have come to believe.

The man of God admonished every who participated to search the scriptures for themselves and that all that is happening in the world today was foretold in the word of God.

Tonight we are expecting a more glorious session as we have Day 2 of Your Loveworld Season 3 Phase 4 with Pastor Chris.

Ipeleng Makgopela.

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