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Heat drones used by Malaysian police to check temperatures from above

Malaysian police are using drones which can check temperatures from as high as 20 meters above the  ground in the latest example of coronavirus population control.

The drones alert authorities if someone has a high temperature reading by emitting a red light. Reports say that Malaysian police have previously warned they will use drones to enforce earlier travel restrictions, with officers in some areas also stating they would carry out surprise home visits to ensure people were following rules.

There have been numerous previous examples of authorities deploying surveillance drone technology to enforce COVID-19 rules. Authorities in Spain have used surveillance drones to make sure people who visit beaches are complying with social distancing regulations.

In Brussels, Belgium, police used drones fitted with loudspeakers to bark orders to people to “stay at home.” In Australia, more expensive drones were used to catch people not wearing masks while also scanning for vehicles that were parked more than 5km from their owner’s home.

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