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A graduation ceremony took place for thousands of students with no masks in Wuhan

While the deep state actors continue to push their deceptive ideas on the world with mask mandates, and vaccination drives, more than 11,000 university students attended a graduation ceremony at the Central China Normal University in Wuhan.

A city where the so called coronavirus is said to have been released from, the students attended a graduation on June 13, 2021, without face masks or social distancing.

The capital of central China’s Hubei province was the epicentre of the global Covid-19 outbreak over a year ago and restrictions were only lifted after a 76-day lockdown in April 2020. Restrictions were not eased until April when the city started to re-open after 76 days closed off, although schools remained shut for longer.

The city held limited graduation ceremonies last year, with Wuhan University hosting a mostly-online event in June last year, with the students and teachers who did attend all in masks. More than 2,200 students at Sunday’s ceremony were graduates who could not attend their graduation last year due to tight virus restrictions.

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