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Canadian Christian School told not to quote ‘offensive’ Bible passages

Alberta Christian school, Cornerstone Christian Academy which had its religious freedom under fire after its board asked the school to stop teaching “offensive” scripture.

What is offensive scripture in a Christian school? The idea of having a bible based school which uphold Christian values is to accommodate for those whose Christian values are essential to their family ethos.

So to have a board ban a school is not only an over reach but a manifestation of a state that wants to put its hands on matters that are constitutionally supposed to be left to the discretion of a private citizen.

Removing verses just because someone thinks they are offensive also takes away the freedom of religious speech.

This Canada situation is that trustees of the board that imposed the ban on the school enjoy the legal right to send their own kids to various schools that align with the parents’ beliefs and convictions.

The trustees never had a right to impose their own ideology on schools they disagree with. So why were they pushing the envelope? Because the state is allowing for such to happen.

Hilary Panashe.

Canadian Christian School told not to quote ‘offensive’ Bible passages

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