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South Africa’s President tightens Covid-19 restrictions

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday re-imposed lockdown restrictions for two weeks to combat what he referred to as ‘‘a surge in coronavirus cases’’. A night time curfew has been lengthened by an hour starting at 9pm till 4am, while all schools should be shut by Friday.

Business owners have voiced an outcry on how many more businesses will now find themselves on the brink of closure as a result of the latest 14-day ban and no financial relief being made available by the government.

On the other hand, opposition leaders have not responded positively to these restrictions. South Africa’s rampant corruption has also become a factor as the health minister has stepped down because of reports his family members benefitted from inflated payments on contracts related to COVID-19.

The Church of Jesus Christ in the country is praying and surely our victory is assured for the Lord has given us not only the mandate to enforce his will but according to Luke 10:19 He has also enabled us to exercise His authority over Satan and his kingdom. Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome in one of the ‘Your Loveworld’ sessions said ”if they don’t open the churches, we will break all rules set”’ watch this excerpt from the session.


South Africa’s President tightens Covid-19 restrictions

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