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Jacob Zuma’s appeal to delay his jail time rejected by South African high court

On Thursday morning South Africa’s ex president Jacob Zuma began his 15 month jail time at the EstCourt Correctional services, being served for corruption in his time of being President in 2009 to 2018.

Mr Zuma applied at the Pietermaritzburg High Courtfor for his term to be delayed, however it was rejected resulting him to continue serving his 15 months in jail.

This is the time since apartheid that a President gets arrested in South Africa. Supporters of the former President in South Africa are not in support of his arrest and several looting has been taking place mainly in Durban since he handed himself to the police and over the weekend in Johannesburg CBD.

Tyres are being burned, vehicles and major protesting causing strikes in these parts. More information by the High Constitutional court on the case will be today Monday the 12th of July 2021.


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