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South Africa State Capture: SA riots are a warning sign for the government

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, the number of demonstrations has increased dramatically and leaders need to pay attention. What was supposed to be a show of support for former president Jacob Zuma through protests, has now turned into a nightmare for South Africa.

The escalated looting and thuggery has continued for its third straight day in Johannesburg, Kwazulu natal and other parts of the country. The level of rioting and looting speaks volumes in a country that has suffered the ugly phase of the Covid 19 lockdowns.

The president labelled it one of the worst in the history of the country. So could this still be a protest in support of the former president Zuma or is this clear frustration of what the citizens have been bottling up for the last one and a half years.

Interestingly, the president addressed the nation last night and spoke of tribalism. How is it tribalism that citizens of different tribes are looting food and everything in their way, a clear indication of hunger, anger and frustration? The army has been deployed in different parts to restore order.

The ANC ruling government seems to mum about all this chaos. The 2019 national elections witnessed the lowest turnout in any of the six elections since 1994, suggesting that many South Africans are giving up on their democracy.

However they haven’t given up on voicing their frustration, and if the trends are anything to go by, the tough lockdown imposed by the government will result in many more protests as economic hardship and hunger sweep the nation.

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