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Soweto Community takes a stand against looting

Different communities in South Africa have started to unite against the looting and vendalising of businesses.

On Wednesday afternoon members of the community in Pimville Soweto were on guard, protecting the only shopping mall in Soweto that was not looted which is the Maponya Mall.

Not only were they members of the community but they were also joined by the police force, private security companies and members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

All these members made sure to protect their mall and stand against violence. “Part of our responsibilities was to make sure that people, the community, come and defend the mall.

It is the last mall that will be servicing millions of people in Soweto. So we will be very irresponsible community members if we don’t protect the mall,” Soweto Parliament commander, Nhlanhla Lux said.

The community members have had to face the on going attacks by looters for the past four days they have been on guard.

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