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French police crash with protesters in Paris over covid ‘health pass’

Ever since the French president, Emmanuel Macron, implemented the covid ‘health pass’ that requires for citizens to show proof of vaccination to enter public places such as restaurants and many more. This had caused people to start protesting in Paris and several other places throughout the country.

The law has made this new regulation to be more stricter, making it compulsory for health workers to get vaccinated. Citizens believe their rights and freedom are being overlooked. The city was engulfed with smoke from the release of teargasses by the police as well as water cannons.

One of the protesters said, “I’m absolutely against it because I’m not vaccinated. On September 15th if I’m not vaccinated I will lose my job, I have been threatened with this. I’m here today in favor of the freedom to choose to get vaccinated or not”

Another one said, “we need to wait a little bit before the French people can decide. I feel like we are being rushed, it’s only been 6 months since these vaccines were made widely available and it feels like French people are being forced…”

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