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The Biden administration encourages States and Cities to pay people $100 to get vaccinated

In the U.S, the Biden administration is encouraging head of states, territories and local governments to offer $100 to Americans who have not vaccinated against the coronavirus to get their shots.

Is it even legal for government officials to bribe the people to take a shot that’s not preventing anything? Surveys done by UCLA researchers reported that around two-thirds of unvaccinated individuals said they would still not get a vaccine no matter the value of incentives offered.

Many Americans and other citizens around the world are awake and are refusing to take the Covid 19 vaccine. It appears now that the Biden administration has shifted its strategy to focus on more personalized approaches.

The Treasury Department said Thursday that the money to pay for the vaccine incentive payments could come from the $350 billion of relief funds that is being supposedly given to states and cities as part of the economic rescue package that Congress approved in March.

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