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Highlights of Global Prayer and Fasting with Pastor Chris

During the Communion service the man of God Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD expounded extensively on why we have to pray and what to pray about as the global congregation joined him to conclude the Prayer and Fasting.

He explained that many countries have been sold and their people don’t even know it. Many nations are just existing in name alone. The one world government takes away the boundaries of nations. Countries are absorbed by the one world government. And this is the work of the Assyrian according to Isaiah 10:13 explains Pastor Chris,

He went on to say, “This is war! What God wants us to understand is that we are dealing right now with the Assyrian and his works.” Many leaders of nations have become voiceless today. However, this is the set time of God’s favour for the nations explains Pastor Chris.

The realignment of the world which belongs to the perpetrators of covid-19 and the great reset will culminate in Revelations 17:12. The polarisation will come into place the same hour with the beast and people won’t even know the beast has come into power.

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