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South African Solidarity displeased with Sasol’s Covid-19 vaccine and testing requirements

In South Africa, Trade Unions are unhappy with Sasol’s COVID-19 testing requirements. This is after workers at Sasol’s Secunda plant in Mpumalanga were required to get jabbed or produce a negative test every week.

Trade union Solidarity says it will meet with Sasol management to express its unhappiness about a requirement that workers at its Secunda plant in Mpumalanga must be vaccinated against COVID-19 or they must produce a negative test every seven days.

The requirement is for around 20 000 workers who are scheduled to take part in the annual maintenance work of the petrochemicals plant which produces fuel from coal. The company have said that workers who choose not to be vaccinated will have to pay for their own weekly COVID-19 test which is said to cost around R850.

The Union further argues that these requirements were against what the South African President had said.

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