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Ethiopia: Growing humanitarian Crisis in Tigray

There’s a growing humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s northern region Tigray.

Government forces backed by neighboring Eretria are fighting for control of the region against armed groups in a conflict that saw millions displaced and thousands living as refugees in neighboring Sudan.

The conflict started in November Last year when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered military strikes in Tigray after accusing the region’s ruling Tigray’s People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)of assault on the federal army. TPLF political party dominated Ethiopia for 3 decades.

Abiy a former member of the TPLF, came to power under Ethiopia’s Revolutionary Democratic Front in 2018, he forced the longtime ruler TPLF to its mountainous region bordering Eretria where the Party remained in power until November last year when the conflict began.

What we know about TIGRAY:

Tigray is situated in the north region bordering Eritrea, 96% of Tigrayans are Orthodox Christians, Tigray’s mountainous region makes it the major tourist destination and it is home to 7 million Tigrayans. 

The conflict in Tigray began in November 2020 resulting in 2 million Tigrayans displaced and 60,000 fled to neighboring Sudan. Government forces reportedly killed dozens meanwhile the government denies its involvement in the region because admitting this threatens the Prime minister’s peace maker status. 

56 Bodies have been reportedly found along the river Tigray believed to be casualty of the Ethiopian federal armed forces backed by Eritrean forces which have since withdrawn their involvement in the 9 month conflict. Eretria troops have since withdrawn support of the federal army.

Inga Mzileni.

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