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“Conversion therapy ban”: a policy drive against ministering salvation

Britain’s government has vowed to ban a practice called conversion therapy and support people who have undergone the practice, joining other nations that have moved to outlaw activities that aim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

In the Queen’s Speech in March this year, the UK government said it planned to ban conversion therapy in England and Wales following a public consultation.

It would place ministry leaders at risk of arrest for encouraging young people to maintain chastity until marriage. And it would criminalise a member of a church who prays with another member when they ask for prayer to resist temptation as they are attracted to someone of the same sex but do not wish to act on it.

The current push to ban conversion therapy is being used as a political cover to promote an affirmation-only approach to gender identity. In other words those who seek to abandon the practice of homosexuality upon receiving Christ as their Lord and personal saviour are being shunned by the proposal because it is blinkered in that it only assumes that there are no individuals that might want to convert and change their practices.

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