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Tanzania ramps up efforts to vaccinate 40 million citizens

Just 5 months after the Tanzanian president Magafuli passed, the current leadership has reversed the late leaders Anti-vaccination mandate, President Sami’s Sulu Hassan publicly took her first Johnson and Johnson Covid jab to encourage the nation to get vaccinated.

Earlier this year the whole world was in awe as the Late Magafuli publicly denied the severity of the virus and urged his country’s citizens to drink natural remedies to combat the flu and went on to declare Tanzania Covid-19 free.

The world is watching just how Tanzania will carry out its Covid Vaccination Campaign. Previously a Covid 19 denialist and declared Covid free in 2020 by its late President Magafuli, Tanzania is ramping up efforts to Vaccinate 40 million Tanzanians.

The East African country is among 4 African nations that refused to vaccinate its citizens, Burundi, Eritrea and Madagascar took a similar stance against the so-called Corvid-19 Virus.

No confirmed data on Covid infected, Recoveries or Deaths

Despite not having conclusive data on the number of those supposedly infected by the virus or even deaths, 1 million doses of Johnson and Johnson Jabs has been shipped to Tanzania from the United states.

There’s also no clear indication of why 60% of Tanzanians was targeted as well as clarity of the timeline to achieve this “big goal”

It became clear for Health Officials there, that the vaccination efforts will be met with skeptics owing to the late Magafuli’s declaration of Corvid free Tanzania. This is why President Sami Sulu Hassan seemingly took her jab in public to encourage Tanzanians to get vaccinated.

Reports suggest Health workers and Civil servants a top priority in achieving the goal of vaccinating more than half of Tanzania’s population, So far a confirmed 100,000 people have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile Zanzibar received its second doses of Covid Vaccines, masks, and protective equipment Donated by China. The Aim is to vaccinate 87% of the island of Zanzibar’s population.

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