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Taliban takeover in Afghanistan: children, women and Christians most at risk

While thousands of Afghans and foreigners descend upon Kabul airport in an attempt to evacuate the country, NGO Word Vision has warned that countless more vulnerable children will pay the ultimate price as they are caught up in the chaos in Afghanistan. Also women will be barred from education.

They will be barred from moving out of their houses unless they have a male relative accompanying them. There is going to be a complete change of the Afghan society as it existed before the Taliban took over. And for Christians, this story sheds light of how the Taliban deal with new converts.

What a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan means for Christians who were persecuted after the Taliban came to power in the mid-1990s so their coming back to power could also mean going back to those times.

The number of converts to Christianity increased as the U.S. presence increased after the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Most of the Christian converts lived in urban areas, so the threat from the Taliban was minimal. But many Christian converts started fleeing Afghanistan, mostly to India around 2005, fearing their identities might become public.

A 2015 study estimated over 3,300 believers in Christ from a Muslim background living in the country.

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