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Zimbabwe’s President makes Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for civil servants

Zimbabwe has made Covid-19 vaccine mandatory amongst all government employees, saying its either they vaccinate or resign.

Zimbabwe has already made it mandatory for people to get vaccinated to go to markets, gyms, restaurants and university exams. Some private companies have also made it mandatory for their employees to be vaccinated. The measures have triggered indignation among some, but also clogged up the vaccination centres, as people go in crowds to get a dose in order to be able to earn a living. Zimbabwe has about 300,000 civil servants, including 100,000 teachers.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions challenged the mandatory vaccination of employees in court in August. 4.4 million people have received a first dose in the country with 11% of the population fully vaccinated. Zimbabwe has vaccinated more people than in any other African nation in the country’s second phase Covid-19 vaccination programme.

This is way beyond a virus, this is clear indication of people’s rights being completely overlooked. The right to freedom of choice without any penalty.

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