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Canada’s Federal Election 2021

Trudeau not is sync with ordinary Canadians and Liberal government inaction on Christian persecution is concerning.

As campaigning in the upcoming Federal election in Canada gains momentum, incumbent Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been more out of touch with ordinary Canadians than the other federal leaders vying to lead Canada for the next four years.

Justin Trudeau has exhibited poor judgment when it comes to the Covid19 plandemic. Souring doubts about Trudeau’s leadership qualities mark a distinct shift from the 2015 election, when he distinguished himself as a charismatic leader who innately understood issues like the Canadian economy and political position on the global stage.

There is also a sense of a Trudeau fatigue following numerous scandals that happened under his watch. Let’s look at the liberal’s failures in the last four years beginning with Mr. Trudeau’s handling of Christian persecution in the country.

In July, Canada saw more than 50 churches being vandalized, desecrated or burned to the ground following a discovery of unmarked graves near a residential school. What followed were a series of arson attacks on different churches across the country.

This spate of vandalism was preceded by arrests of Ministers of the gospel and closures of places of worship in different parts of the country.

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