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Cape Town ministers organize rally against Covid19 vaccination

A group of ministers in Cape Town organized a protesting rally, to protest and demonstrate against the covid19 implementation of vaccines and vaccine passports.

Citizens came together from several places across the mother city to gather at ‘SeePoint Pools’ where they held up placards written different phrases to amplify their voices. To mention a few phrases, some had “I say no the experimental jab” while others had some written “No to fear, God is my vaccine”.

The South African constitutional bill of human rights states that every human being in the country has a right to Freedom, however that has not been the case in South Africa and a lot of countries across the world, since the start of the Covid plandemic.

People have seen how daily, the deep state is gradually trying to strip off the rights of people in different countries. Through the teachings of the man of God, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome through the holy spirit, the eyes of millions of people globally have been enlightened to the plans of the devil through the initiation of the Coronona Virus plandemic, a planned out pandemic to control the world. Thank God Christians all over the world have been interceding against the plans of the devil and there is victory!

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