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Canada’s laws remove parenting as biblically espoused

In Canada, the delicate line between the Christian Family values and Canada’s transgender laws that are going for the sanctity of the family intuition is becoming pronounced.

Robert Hoogland’s 14-year-old daughter started referring to herself as a male after watching the pro-transgender film “Handsome and Majestic” at school when she was in the sixth grade. She also begun behaving like a tomboy mostly spending her time with boys and constantly landing herself in trouble.

According to Hoogland, the teenager asked his father to enroll her under a male name rather than her own in the seventh-grade after coming back from school. The father who consulted the school faculties in attempt to improve her daughter’s habits was dismayed after school officials backed his daughter’s demand which later forced him to report the matter to the police.

Robert Hoogland later discovered that the school played a role in the gender transaction of the child by forcing the girl to change her gender without telling her parents and asked her to start using the male-only bathroom.

Displeased by the changes which he thought had irreparable and irreversible bearing on his child, Hoogland submitted in court that his daughter needed an emotional affirmation and not a medical intervention to rescue her from her transgender delusions.

However the court, ruled that the parents must affirm their child’s “gender identity”, and refer to the girl as a boy as requested by the child and failure to do so would result in criminal offence.

Canada’s laws remove parenting as biblically espoused

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