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New York Governor says unvaccinated Christians ‘aren’t listening to God’

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has said that Christians who forgo vaccination against COVID- 19 “are not listening to God,” whom she said “wants” them to take the shots. Hochul who replaced disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo made the comments during a speech at the Christian Cultural Center in the Bronx.

Misleading were said in that address that speak to a poor and a very bad representation of the Church of Jesus Christ by a clueless politician that speak to a poor and a very bad representation of the Church of Jesus Christ by a clueless politician. Number one, vaccines are not the Gospel.

People are dying after taking the vaccine, so to speak of the Life giving exercise of evangelism in comparison with a human project that is killing some people is anti-Christ. You are comparing death and life.

The governor went on to say she needed vaccinated believers in the crowd to be her “apostles,” drawing a comparison between evangelism and encouraging people to get inoculated against COVID-19. Number two, an apostle is one who is sent. That is in the broader definition of the word.

Since the governor was speaking at a gathering of Christians, the definition has to be narrowed down to biblical apostleship. And there we have another misrepresentation of what true apostleship is. Apostles are sent out by the Lord Jesus himself with the Gospel.

So for a governor to say she wants Christians to be “her” apostles insinuates ownership, the same ownership the Lord Jesus Christ reserves for those He has chosen.

The leftist governor has been fighting those seeking religious exemptions from vaccination. She said in mid-September she is “not aware of a sanctioned religious exemption from any organized religion,” arguing faith leaders “are encouraging the opposite.”


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