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Impact of blast on community and country reflects on Lebanon’s Christians

Lebanon is a small country with a million problems. The August 4 blast at Beirut port killed 171 people and wounded over 6,000. The victims were of all sects and several nationalities, but traditionally majority-Christian neighborhoods were worst hit.

It has forced Lebanon’s Christians to reckon with the impact on the country and on their community. The blast last year coupled with the current economic challenges the country is faced with laid bare divisions between politicians and their constituents, and between young and old.

Lebanon’s Christians fought hard and for the most part successfully throughout their own challenging history, and at a great price in terms of blood and resources, to preserve what they could of their freedoms.

The greatest service they could render to the rest of the region’s beleaguered Christians would be for them to remain free, and to act as a shining beacon of freedom for the others and for the Muslim majority of the region as well.

The economic challenges that the country is currently dealing with are dealing a serious blow to the shaky political set up.

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