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No end in sight to Soweto’s electricity supply and payment problems

Many Soweto residents in Johannesburg, South Africa are still without electricity, despite President Cyril Ramaphosa vowing to resolve their challenges.

Two weeks ago, while on the campaign trail, Ramaphosa promised residents that a faulty transformer would be replaced to help restore the power in certain places.

However, since the installation of transformers, the power utility said they have experienced a loss of over R200 million a month from Soweto alone due to illegal connections who overloading of the system.

The residents of Soweto have also been faced with challenges to pay for their electricity, a R6000 re-connection fee has been fined to some residents for illegal connections and tempering of meter numbers.

Parts of Soweto have not had electricity for three months, while in other areas, residents have lived in the dark for much longer. At the same time, the City of Johannesburg says plans are under way to review how electricity is distributed in the township.

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