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The hypocrisy in Politics

Hypocrisy in politics is a time-honored tradition. Opposing parties slam each other for doing and saying the very things they once did and said, and vice versa. Political Hypocrisy is timely, and timeless.

The problems of sincerity and truth in politics, and how people can deal with them without slipping into hypocrisy themselves is definitely a concern. So should we accept hypocrisy as a fact of politics?‚ÄČthe most dangerous form of political hypocrisy is to claim to have politics without hypocrisy.

Some would say instead of vainly searching for authentic politicians, we should try to distinguish between harmless and harmful hypocrisies and worry only about the most damaging varieties. Citizens understandably want their politicians to be honest and trustworthy.

But democratic politics is an inherently messy business, requiring compromise, vagueness and position shifting. In the purely anticipatory sense of what politics can deliver, it is unrealistic to expect that politics will attract and recruit only angels and saints.

In order to be elected and build coalitions, politicians must take positions and make pronouncements on a wide range of issues, and a certain amount of inconsistency, insincerity and even hypocrisy is likely.

Hypocrisy brings into question a politician’s ability to perform his or her job because to legitimize a person’s rule, that person must be presented as a defender of social norms. Deception lies at the heart of people’s disapproval of hypocritical politicians.

The hypocrisy in Politics

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