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Cyber Polygon: A new plandemic of control

Cyber weapons are now the strategic tools for global destruction. Globalists already plan to use these as strategic weapons against humanity. Every serious analyst is observing the global economic and supply chain collapse.

From US debt ceiling reaching on October 18th to fuel shortages in the UK. There’s an issue of crop failures and port congestions to global energy crisis and food shortages.  And now we’re facing cyber shutdown exercises.

Contrary to what a lot have said about Cyber Polygon, the WEF’s main agenda is to create a global organization aimed at gutting even the possibility of anonymity online. The US and UK, govts are all on board. The twist here is that the deep state calls it an initiative to expand cyber security to prevent threats.

But just like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said on Tuesday, the 12th of October during Yourloveworld session, that they will create a common enemy. In this case they created cyber attacks on major companies, years back even. They then come with a deceptive so called “solution”.

It will of cause sound viable to the gullible, the same way it happened with Covid. They introduced a poisonous solution and some unfortunately fell for it. They are now bringing this so called ”solution” in the form of Cyber Security.

By now we all know as explained by our man of God, Pastor Chris that there’s no such thing as “security”, atleast not from these guys. With them it’s all about control.


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