International forum on holocaust remembrance holds in Sweden

World leaders blame social media for rise in anti-Semitism

World leaders gathered in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday for the International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance where they blamed social media for the global rise in anti-Semitism.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog urged leaders to fight anti-Semitism online and to hold social media companies accountable for the content they allow on their platforms. Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress had this to say in his remarks at the forum

The European Commission only presented its first political-strategic program to fight anti-Semitism last week as a build up to this forum. It plans to outlaw the trade in Nazi memorabilia and boost the fight against anti-Semitic hate speech on the internet.

Nine out of 10 Jews in Europe see anti-Semitism as a serious problem, according to European Commission data. At the European Jewish Association meeting, Jewish leaders said the European Commission’s strategy should only be the first step.


At present, not even all EU member states record anti-Semitic attacks, never mind taking concrete measures to address the problem.

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