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Shocking: Hypodermic needle to be replaced by a recently created 3D Micro-needle vaccine patch

Vaccine Patches Could Replace Needles

Researchers at Stanford University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have produced a 3D printed vaccine patch which they claim provides greater protection than a typical vaccine shot.

Applied directly to the skin, the micro-needle patch reportedly delivered an immune response 10 times greater than a vaccine delivered into an arm muscle via a needle jab.

The micro-needle patch also includes easy and painless delivery, and the potential to be self-administered.

The patches are typically formed out of tiny 3D printed micro-needles arranged on a polymer patch, and are applied directly to the skin.

The micro-needle prototype is a collection of dozens of tiny needles that are lined up on a small patch.

This newly invented vaccine patch seems like a gradual introduction to micro-chips being inserted into people’s bodies. This is to “normalize” a plan that the deep state has for the future of this world.


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