Africa: The great continent

Africa the world’s richest continent with the largest mineral reserves, natural resources, largest labor force given her young population, biodiversity and a booming business hub.

African people should be thriving with the amount of wealth that Africa produces, the continent should be among world leading economies. But such is not the case as millions of Africans live below poverty lines, not even one among the 47 states is proving otherwise.

Poverty in Africa is deliberate. It is a manufactured poverty to keep Africans on survival mode while the west and East ransack the continent. A report in 2015 found that African countries are collectively net creditors to the rest of the world, to the tune of $41 billion.

Africa’s wealth is leaving to develop other countries, the barren European countries and other “world powers” whose companies are in operation in Africa, together with their so called scammers in the name of charity organizations are taking out $203 billion by illegally moving money out of the continent or by costs imposed by the rest of the world through climate change.

While Africa receives $161 billion mainly in loans that come with terms like allowing underdeveloped vaccine trials on African people. In February this year, South Africa rolled out unapproved vaccine jabs by J&J to front line workers.

Do you know who is suffering in this manufactured energy crisis? The already poor yet skilled African. Rising small businesses are suffering another economic brunt to this load shedding.

The Covid script has expired Africans. Brace yourselves for a new one. Which is Climate Change. Green solution. http://www.energy.gov.za/files/media/explained/South-African-Coal-Sector-Report.pdf

Now Germany has pledged $12, 5 billion to South Africa to implement another of its trial renewable energy programmes. Guess what’s happening in South Africa, a manufactured power crisis to fast track this deal. R130 billion is set to be raised by the World Bank and private companies which are not African by the way to supposedly promote development of renewable energy.

Why not use solar energy if there’s a real energy crisis, why spend billions on “renewable energy” when the Sun shines all day. A report found that Southern Africa has a high irradiation rate (the measure of solar potential) that ranges between 1500 and 2000 kilowatt hours (kwh) per year.

This indicates that the weather conditions are better suited for solar than the world’s current top solar producers, such as Germany. Germany has approximately 1 000kwh per year photovoltaic power, but produced 46.5 terawatt hours (twh), which accounted for 9% of the country’s net electricity supply in 2019. Solar energy is underutilised currently at 1%.

See the interest is to not solve a power crisis, but to manufacture a crisis, while impoverishing the African, while siphoning funds out of the continent to enrich the West African countries.

The plan is not to improve the quality of life for Africans. If you did not awaken to this truth during the plandemic, then awaken to it now with this climate deal.

Africa: The great continent

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Africa: The great continent

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