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S.A: Rand waters carries out pipe maintenance

Bulk water supplies, Rand Water, says it is on schedule with its maintenance, that has seen parts of Gauteng with reduced water supply.

he disruptions in water supply are expected to run for 54 hours (from 05:00 on Monday). According to the Acting Joburg City Manager, Floyd Brink the maintenance on the pipelines, more so the B19, was a necessity and could not be avoided. Rand Water announced the work on the two pipes last week.

The CEO explained that the utility use various networks to supply water in the country. The pipes run over about 3500 kilometres. He said most of them were drinking water pipes taking water from purification stations to the municipal reservoirs.

Other pipes were catchments, also called raw water pipes, taking water from the Vaal river to the utility’s purification station where it is cleaned and distributed in bulk.


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