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IMCC 2021 climaxed with a special Gala Awards night

The special moment the delegates have been expecting came as the Director of the New Media Technologies Department and convener of the IMCC, the esteemed Pastor Rita Ijomah arrived.

The esteemed Director in her speech expressed profound appreciation to the delegates for their work as media connectors in spreading the Gospel. She encouraged them to take decisive actions with the knowledge gained from the conference and do greater exploits for the Gospel.

There were Special merit awards, presented by the esteemed Director, Pastor Rita Ijomah to outstanding individual media connectors and groups for their immense contributions to the advancement of the Gospel through the digital space. The awardees were inspired to do more in the coming year. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful pictures.

IMCC 2021 climaxed with a special Gala Awards night

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