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Austria say out: Lockdown everything! meanwhile ‘unvaccinated’ Africa still not impacted

Just a day after announcing that the unvaccinated would lose all basic human rights, the Austrian government took it a stage further and ruled that the entire country would lose its basic human rights.

Back to a nationwide lockdown to control a covid outbreak that was not controlled last time by a nationwide lockdown. Make sense? Also, as reports, experts are “baffled” that in unvaccinated Africa, where there have had minimal lockdowns, there are very few covid cases and deaths are a tiny fraction of those in Europe and the US per capita.

Now more than a year-and-a-half into the global pandemic, now one of the lame media reports admits the following: “Some researchers say Africa’s younger population the average age is 20 versus about 43 in Western Europe in addition to their lower rates of urbanization and tendency to spend time outdoors, may have spared it the more lethal effects of the virus so far.

Several studies are probing whether there might be other explanations, including genetic reasons or past infection with parasitic diseases. With this admission in mind, recall that especially within the first half-year of the plandemic there were scenes in the West of police literally chasing people from public beaches amid “lockdowns” – as well as parents being arrested at public parks for letting their children play outdoors at the public open-air venues.

Austria say out: Lockdown everything! meanwhile ‘unvaccinated’ Africa still not impacted

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