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Climate change: Lies wrapped in deception smothered with delusion

The deep state continues to display all its corruption skills with lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, and deliberate creation of deceit.

The two infamous words come to mind, Climate Change. It’s financial demands illustrates how political this agenda is and how they know that it doesn’t apply to science, but the goal is pure deception just like the failed Covid19.

They’re trying to target the energy business which is one of the largest industries in the world. Major fossil fuel companies routinely make billion-dollar profits, extracting and distributing oil, gas, and coal. As you may know that fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide (CO2) when burnt and CO2 is the main driver of this climate change deception.

Indigenous communities facing an upsurge in land grabs, water shortages and human rights violations as a result of the Cop26 deal have accused world leaders of sacrificing them in order to shield corporate profits.

Carbon markets incentivize countries and corporations to offset rather than cut emissions responsible for global heating by investing in so-called green energy projects like biofuel monoculture and hydroelectric dams, which are linked to environmental destruction, forced displacement, arbitrary arrests and even murder.

In addition, such carbon credit schemes often rely on sequestering land, forests and rivers relied on by indigenous and local communities for food, water, medicine and spiritual traditions, and there is little evidence to suggest they lead to a genuine drop in emissions.

Cop26 leaders signed an agreement that will entrench sacrificing Indigenous people.

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