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Italy announces new restrictions for the unvaccinated

The Man of God, Pastor Chris has been warning us through Your Loveworld sessions about how the deep state is trying to separate people with their vaccines. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Italy announced new restrictions for the unvaccinated on Wednesday, barring them from dining indoors in restaurants and bars; attending shows, sport events and public ceremonies; and entering nightclubs.

The decision came after the president pressured the government to crack down on the unvaccinated, worried that new lockdowns and restrictions would hamper the economic recovery in a country that imposed Europe’s first lockdown and experienced some of the pandemic’s most devastating consequences.

In October, Italy became the first major European country to require the Green Pass for all workers, private and public, to earn their salary.

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Thulani Nyathi September 27, 2022 at 10:41 am

Hello.. I’m grateful to this news room, I was tired of being lied to by the so called main stream least now we’re having a balanced and we’ll researched news.. keep it up brothers and sisters..may I have the video clip on symbolisms that was flighted during the loveworld specials S6 phase 2 . I’m not sure about the day.. the one with opening ceremony of the Olympics and other ceremonies especially on sports events.. thank you.


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