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The mass surveillance of cell phone data

Media surveillance refers to the collection and processing of personal data taken from digital communication platforms through automated technology

One might like to think that you can move about in the world without being noticed. Perhaps you relish the idea of being able to disappear into a crowd while not being recognized. But such notions of anonymity are disappearing.

Of course, you probably have heard about GPS tracking that can be used to determine the specific geographic whereabouts of a person. And now facial recognition can be used to pinpoint the identity of a person in a crowd or frankly at any location where the technology is implemented.

The notions of privacy continue to disappear in the high-tech world, and this is yet one more example of how anyone can be tracked. In 2018 China also implemented the ‘you can run but you cannot hide’ motto when they started artificial intelligence

The mass surveillance of cell phone data

Documents show $319 Million given to media

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