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Ruling party congress concludes without announcement of Presidential candidate

Equatorial Guinea has created surprise by not choosing its candidate for the 2023 presidential election at the ruling party’s congress. This is a first in a country ruled by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE), the only party until 1991 when the government tolerated some “opposition” movements, held its seventh congress in Bata, the economic capital from Monday November 22 to Wednesday November 24.

This is usually the occasion to designate its candidate for a seven-year term at the head of the country. But to everyone’s surprise, in an evening that lasted until late till Wednesday night, no such announcement was made.

Instead many of the debates at the congress revolved around the economic crisis and the Covid-19 plandemic. For the delegates who left the Palace of Congress, the current head of state is still a candidate for his succession. Only about 1.3 million people live in Equatorial Guinea, a country rich in oil and gas.

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