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Many NHS staff are still unvaccinated than being reported

There has been a great deal of overreach globally within the medical system since the start of this plandemic.

This overreach can only be summed up as medical tyranny. Nurses, who have been called heroes and who have worked for over 18 months on the so called frontlines, are now getting fired for refusing a shot that violates their bodily autonomy.

Different Labor unions in the United Kingdom have warned that forced vaccinations could lead to thousands leaving the profession.

Those with concerns over the Covid19 vaccine are often dismissed as being anti-vaxxers, slightly crazy people who do not like vaccines in general, whereas, for most Christians who have misgivings about the whole idea of vaccinations these are very specific concerns, particularly about the use of aborted foetal tissue in the production and research of some of these vaccines.

Some medical staff are leaving their jobs as the NHS goes through with the forced mandates for vaccines. We have seen similar things in care home staff which is just an absolute disaster at a time when you need all the staff you can get.

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